Jacket Upgrade

I bought a jacket a while ago and I really like it. It’s a Fjällräven Greenland jacket in Olive green, it really is right up my street. Here is a picture of it:


Nice right? I always had a nagging thought it was missing something though, I didn’t know what, but I knew there was something out there that could make this jacket… complete.

Then one day, during a good hard procrastination internet session I found it. A patch. A patch that depicted the greatest handshake in film history. I am of course talking about the handshake between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Apollo Creed at the start of Predator. You know the one:

How does that translate into embroidery I hear you ask, well the guys at Futurezine have done it. You can buy one for just $5 right here…


I know I did and now my jacket is upgraded:


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