Meathaus mail out

I wouldn’t usually recommend signing up to a mail out list – I’m sure we’ve all got bulging in-boxes as it is and who needs more emails to wade through? But if you, like me, are always happy to find out about an interesting new artist or illustrator then this one is definitely worth it.

It’s from the website Meathaüs. Here’s what they say about themselves on their ‘About Meathaüs’ page:

Meathaüs: A loosely defined collective of friends and associates contributing to irregular comics and art anthologies and an art-blog-website with a special emphasis on drawing, sketchbooks and comics.

It’s an excellent blog in general but it’s the concise nature of their mail out that is awesome. Every few days you’ll get an email featuring an artist that is appearing on their site with a series of images of their work. As I say, if you like art and illustration and get a buzz out of having new names introduced to you then pretty soon you’ll look forward to getting the mail out.

Todays mail out (July 15th 2016) for example featured a magazine that collects comic book artists work called Mineshaft; who knows what the next one will be?

The link to sign up to the Meathaüs mail out is on the right hand side of the web page. Enjoy.

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